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October 16 2017

Was the Anti-Kleptocracy Rally That Gathered Thousands in Malaysia a Success or Failure?

"...the speakers were too heavy on condemnations of corruption, kleptocracy...instead of saying more about how a Pakatan government, if elected, will deal with issues..."

October 15 2017

Syrian Architects Challenge ‘Post-War’ Reconstruction with Real-Time Designs

"You as architects, planners sometimes draw beautiful drawings, but every line you put on your drawing will decide who gets to come back and who doesn’t get to come back."

On Language: The Many Flavours of Persian in Eurasia

"The language categories we are more or less stuck with are organized vertically by nation-state."

Not Without a Fight: The Battle for Affordable Housing in Cape Town

For many residents of Cape Town, South Africa—a city often touted for its quality of life—the legacy of segregation and spatial apartheid persists in a tangible and powerful way.

14 Tweets from Kyrgyzstan's Colourful, Competitive and Concerning Presidential Vote

A real election in a region where that doesn't usually happen.

October 14 2017

Climate Change Is Claiming Aspen Groves—and the History of Basque Immigrants in the US

Basque sheep herders left their mark in remote forests across the American West across nearly a century. Now their words are being lost to climate change.
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if this was from John Irving there was a bear in the sidecar... but cows are much more fluffy
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Nigel Van Wieck: Q Train
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